Secure DNS dynamic updates from DHCP client

How to Register Secure DNS Dynamic Updates from DHCP client using DNSUpdateProxy-Group on Server 2003 Sp2

Server Side
1. Install DHCP server and Configure
2. Add DHCP Server System and Admin Account into DNSUpdateProxy Security Group

Client Side
1. Obtain an Ip address automatically (don’t forget to turn off XP firewall)
2. ipconfig /release
3. ipconfig /renew
4. ipconfig /registerdns

Server Side

3. Set DNS dynamic updates registration credentials using Netsh.exe command
    a. Netsh
    b. Dhcp server dhcp_server_iIp
    c. Set dnscredentials UserName DomainName Password
    d. Quit
4. ping xp1
5. ipconfig /flushdns
6. ping xp1

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